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Why Join?

Who are the Boosters?
The Boosters is a parent-volunteer organization that fundraises to support extracurricular activities at Centennial. This money is used for everything from entry fees to uniforms to safety equipment for every CHS Athletic Team and all participating Student Clubs & Organizations.

Why should I join?
Every family that joins the Boosters brings us one step closer to providing the necessary operating funds to function - touching nearly 1,000 participants each year. Ultimately, every cent we raise goes back to the kids!

I am already selling goods and fundraising to support my child's clubs and teams, how is this different?
There are some sports/clubs that will fund-raise on their own to provide specific opportunities, above and beyond the bare essentials provided by the County and the Boosters, that are unique to their activity. Both types of funding are vital to the success of our programs!

Doesn't Howard County pay for sports team uniforms?
No, this is the responsibility of the players parents - or the Boosters!

Are the Boosters primarily a Football backers organization?
No, although CHS Football is a major sports program, the Boosters support ALL CHS team sports PLUS more than 20 school clubs!

Are the boosters in charge of concessions for dances? How do we sign up to help or chaperone?
In most cases, the dance sponsor is in charge of concessions for their event. The CHS PTSA has a master list of all events occuring at Centennial. To offer your services for any event, contact the CHS Volunteer Coordinator.

Are my contributions to CHS Booster tax deductible?
Yes, we are non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so you're donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable tax law.

How do I volunteer for selling Spiritwear?
Please email our Spirit Wear coordinator to offer your services ... you are always welcome!

Can I join the Boosters at any time during the school year?
Absolutely!! But, if you sign up in person at Back to School Night or the Fall Parents Meeting, there is always a little incentive being offered!!

How do I submit my question?
Send it to! If we don't have the answer - we'll point you in the right direction!


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