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How we Serve

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully you're here to help us help ALL Centennial HS students share in the many rewarding experiences that are "Extracurricular Activities."


These activities include all school sports teams AS WELL AS more than 80 Clubs and Organizations that are as serious as our award winning "It's Academic" team or as fun as CHS's "Magic Club." The whole idea is that we have, or create, a place for EVERY CHS student to make High School one of the best times of their young lives. And that's what Boosters are all about. We're parents who want you, along with your sons and daughters to get involved in Centennial High School - GO EAGLES!

Rightfully so, the Howard County Public School System does NOT provide money for many of our schools sports teams (e.g., uniforms, etc.) nor for extracurricular clubs and organizations. THAT is our job. We "fun-raise" collectively so you don't have to write a check for your son or daughter to participate in what we feel is part of a healthy, rewarding high school experience.

We operate on the premise that "no one can do everything but everyone can do something!" So look through our website, find a team, club or organization your child wants to join. Then join us to make ALL our CHS students experience the best one of their young lives!

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