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$25 / Square 

The chance to win $250 at the end of each quarter

and $500 at the end of the game!


Anyone can play - invite your friends and family to play along by sending the link before the Big Game.

The more squares we sell, the more CHS students, clubs and sports we can support !


The Basics of this Fundraiser:

  • Fee: $25 per square. You may play as many squares as you would like.

  • Deadline: Friday, February 9, at midnight 

  • Payment: Use the payment link above to purchase squares.  Please provide the name and email for each player paying for squares.

  • Players must be 18 or older.

  • Squares: Squares will be randomly assigned. The first 100 payments will fill out sheet 1. Additional sheets will be created as more payments are made. Numbers will be randomly drawn for the headers for each column and row. The two teams will also be randomly selected out of the hat for placement on the top and side of the sheet(s).

  • Payout: 50/50 split to the winners and to the Boosters.

  • How to Win: At the end of each quarter, the winner is decided by the last digit of each team's score. There will be a 20% payout each quarter, and 40% for the final score (20/20/20/40%).

If we exceed 100 squares, multiple sheets will be created.

Questions?: Contact

Thank you in advance for supporting your CHS Boosters!



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